Pam and The Pearls


Dear Pam and the Pearls,
What a beautiful wedding and reception! Thank you for a great night of entertainment and dancing! We loved every minute of it and wished the day could have lasted forever! Our neighbor friends were right, you are all excellent performers and put on quite a show. Thanks for being there to celebrate with us. We will Have these great memories for the rest of our lives. As Kirk and I head off for a journey in Saipan we will remember all the fun we had dancing to Nora Jones.
Thanks again for everything.

Hey, you guys, this is Mike Friesz from Seymour Elementary School. Our kids just love it when you show up. They had a blast at Christmas. I don't know if you noticed during your performance the 3 kids that stood up just a little to the right of your set up. They were 2 down syndrome kids among the 3. One is named Jaime. He has never done anything to get involved with anything at school before.. until you folks showed up. You lit him up and he started spontaneously dancing. Way to go. You touched another life.

Hello Pam and Jim-
I hope you received my message from yesterday-possibly you are out of town or just busy. You guys did my daughter's wedding May 25, 1997 and did a fabulous job, and my other daughter is getting married next May 25th ('08) - how about that?-and we would like you to do her wedding also. I hope that you are available to do so, and would appreciate it if you could contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss this matter.

Hello Pam and the Pearls!
My fiance and I are getting married on June 22, 2006 at Tiburon Golf Course and we would love to possibly have you play at our wedding reception. We went to a wedding recently that you played at and we had a blast!

Pam and the Pearls,
My fiance and I recently attended a wedding reception that you performed at - thank you for helping to make the night so fun! We are getting married Friday, October 12, 2007, in Omaha and having the reception at the Scoular Building. I would love to have Pam and the Pearls perform at my wedding reception.
Thank you!

Pam and Jim,
We had a great time at our 40th high school reunion. You were wonderful! Thanks very much for last night.

I have heard you play at many weddings here in Omaha. My daughter is getting married in Hawaii in November and we are hosting a wedding reception in Omaha on January 10, 2009. I know how great your band is and was wondering if you have January 10th available?

Hello Pam and the Pearls!
I received your name from my neighbor. She said you performed at her wedding a couple of years ago and that you rocked!

Great show wished you could have sung more. Thank you for sharing with us.

Hi, I just wanted you all to know that the 2008 season at the Davies Amphitheater was the finale for Russ and Sybil. Of all the groups we had over the years, you were definitely our favorite.
I hope we'll get to see you in the future.
Keep in touch.

Thank You so much for everything, you guys were WONDERFUL ... people are still talking about our band and how great you were! We had a lot of fun, I wish I could have enjoyed you more, but I was too worried about going around and thanking everyone for coming.
I saw your schedule on-line but it is hard to tell which of your events are weddings and which are not. Could you let me know when you guys play for the public, we want to come listen and enjoy your band again!

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